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Robin Gow’s first full-length collection is full of verve, sass, mystery, and wonder. In Our Lady of Perpetual Degeneracy, Gow has made a family of queer angels and reclaimed saints in poems that are as finely crafted as they are magical and sincere. “There were no holy orders for women/or queers, so we made Poems, thrived hidden.” Indeed we did and Gow’s book is proof of the thriving. Thank the Holy Queer Mystery for these poems (and for all of our queer and trans lives) – like “hammers in/the flower vases. they bloom.” 

– TC Tolbert, author of Gephyromania and co-editor of Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics

Robin Gow’s brilliant poems navigate the liminal world between religious figures and what remains to be figured out, between the real and the sexual and the realignment of expectations.   An outspoken curator of sound and meaning, Gow is an accomplished spinner of metaphor, of emphasis, of surprise.  Our Lady of Perpetual Degeneracy is the debut full collection from a visionary poet who wields craft with surgical precision, and leaves all of us questioning what we know, and what we recalled we once believed.

-Jaqueline Jones LaMon, author of Last Seen, Gravity USA, and In the Arms of One Who Loves Me

“[T]his is for girls who father each other,” Robin Gow writes a quarter of the way through this mournful, joyful debut. Our Lady of Perpetual Degeneracy is filled with voices that echo into the losses and accumulations of growing up queer and Catholic: stigmatas, microwaved veggie burgers, and hints of more ominous violence. This a book for anyone who grew up a “a girl… but only approximately,” a trans kinship deeply familiar to me and so many people I know—a thing that builds a degeneracy not just perpetual, but graceful and restorative.

-Zefyr Lisowski, author of Blood Box

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Robin Gow


Gow grew up and lives in rural Pennsylvania. They earned their MFA from Adelphi University where they taught as an adjunct professor.

Gow runs the trans & queer reading series Gender Reveal Party.

Robin is the author of the chapbook HONEYSUCKLE by Finishing Line Press and the collection OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL DEGENERACY by Tolsun Books.

Currently, they is a managing editor The Nasiona. They served for four years as the production editor of the Lantern literary magazine and are Social Media Coordinator for Oyster River Pages. They has also worked to help produce several zines.

They are an out and proud bisexual genderqueer man passionate about LGBTQIA+ issues. They are also proud of being a neurodiverse person.

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Exhibit: Spontaneous Sex Change

  • First Prize for Walt Whitman Bicentennial Competition

If I was born a boy, I would have been my brother

  • Third Place for Negative Capability’s Poetry Prize

flowers, 1964

  • Third Place for Al Laster Memorial Award

taste buds & artichoke hearts

  • Courtney Valentine Prize for Outstanding Work by a Millennial Artist

A Museum for That Which No Longer Exists

  • Finalist for the New Delta Review Chapbook Competition 2019

Some Metaphors Are Self Inflicted

  • Finalist for the Glass Poetry Chapbook Competition 2019
  • Finalist for the Thirty West Publishing House Chapbook Competition 2019

Farm/ Factory/ Farm // Factory// Farm

  • Finalist for the Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize

I Drew a Flag Upside-down on You Back

  • Honorable Mention for Digging Press Chapbook Contest 2019

Father Herald

  • Finalist for the J. F. Powers Short Fiction Competition 2019