Other projects

Gender Reveal Party 

is a literary collective created to unite trans and queer writers at all different points in their careers. We started by running events out of the NYC area but have since moved online and hopefully someday in-person in Pennsylvania.

GRP defines queer and trans as capaciously as possible encompassing the full LGBTQIAA+ spectrum.

Contact robinfgow@gmail.com for more information or with any questions or contact our team at genderrevealpartynyc@gmail.com.

Spell Kits

With five years of experience as a witch and spell-worker, I’m offering homemade spell kits suitable for everyone from beginner witches to advanced practitioners.


Trans-cendent Connections 

TRANscendTrans-cendent Connections was founded in response to the needs of transgender youth and young adults. According to a national survey done by GLSEN in 2009, “ Two-thirds of transgender students felt unsafe in school because of their sexual orientation and how they expressed their gender.” An even higher 87% reported having been verbally harassed at some point in their high school education because of their gender presentation. The study also revealed that lack of supportive environment “was also related to lower academic achievement among transgender students” and the GLSEN survey found “transgender students reported poorer educational outcomes than non-transgender students.” T.C. first and foremost seeks to mitigate these factors and nourish the individuality and creativity of trans youth. T.C. endeavors to provide connections to health, wellness, and professional resources and support for transgender individuals so they may have have the same opportunities as their cis-gender (or non-trans) peers to help them achieve their full potential.